For BGROUP, total quality is a philosophy of life.

For this reason it has invested a great deal in recent years to perfect its production systems and the result is the ISO9001 quality certification.



BARGAM, A SUPREMACY COMING FROM AFAR. More than thirty-five years in history of agricultural mechanization make BARGAM one of the most well-known European spraying, weeding and land working machines manufacturer. BARGAM is a company in the forefront of land working and tilling treatment sector, thanks to its interpreneurial commitment, innovation and dynamism, together with its professionalism and experience.


HIGH QUALITY AND QUALIFICATION. Quality comes from research, qualification and experience. It's a patrimony obtained during more than thirty-five years. The habit of working and cooperating with the most demanding national and international customer developed in BARGAM the propensity to technological and functional improvement of its products. Professionality of people working in BARGAM has been moulded with this attitude.

OUR BEST EVIDENCE COMES FROM CUSTOMER. BARGAM customer knows what he's going to buy and how he's going to buy. He knows he can rely on an efficient industrial and trading organization for which the relationship with customer is a mission . He also knows that his investment will grant him the expected profit. When he decides to change in order to buy a new BARGAM product, his second-hand machine will mantain a good market value.

SALES SYSTEM: A DIRECT LINE WITH THE WHOLE WORLD. BARGAM, well - known in the most important international markets for decades can rely on an efficient distribution net in more than 30 countries and on skilled members, always careful to each market's needs. BARGAM takes part to the most important exhibitions all over the world, knowing the local realities and increasing their value with the most suitable proposals.

ASSISTANCE: OUR BUTTONHOLE. Assistance is very important for who makes an important investment. BARGAM knows he has to give to its customer a product with an immediate and continuous efficiency. That's how our assistance works, also with the aid of qualified dealers and agents.

TOWARD A CONVINCING DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM. Nowadays we can't talk about development without thinking of the environment . A convincing development, respecting nature is a moral exigence for humanity and a value of economic advantage. BARGAM has always been making studies and research in order to produce machines for environment protection.





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